Buffing Foundation Application

I’m the Maker behind Cosmakery, I’m Janelle Thomason an EMMY® Award Winning Makeup Artist. I have been working in makeup for almost half of my life. I have worked as an artist at cosmetic counters, on television sets, photoshoots, bridal, to my own makeup studio where my artistry team & I do makeup on thousands of women yearly. I’ve done makeup for super moms & super models!

With all of my makeup experience, and being a glow getter myself (someone going after their glow inside & out) I found that we are all wanting to look like a polished version of ourselves.

“I wish I could look like this everyday” – Is what I hear on a daily basis when I’m doing makeup. My response to that is, “I have heard you and I have created this for you”. Whether it’s 5 minutes before you take the kids to school or for that special night out. Cosmakery can give you that glow, that empowerment, that look, that feel, with the lasting power you want.