Spring has Sprung! April 12, 2020

Hello! Happy Spring! Here are some spring essentials for feeling spruced up. I don't know about you but I always feel better when I'm put together even if that is just a little bit. Even if my hair is on more days worth of dry shampoo then I would like to admit, throwing a cute head band in or putting a little more effort into my messy bun can make a word of difference. 

Quick Tip: If I know that a bun is in my future and for more than a few days I will wash the baby hairs around my face when I'm washing my face. This way I can have some hair outside of my bun clean and looking a little more polished than just the bun. These hairs tend to dry cute for me so I don't know if that's the norm of if I get lucky lol!

When it comes to a head band I'm referring to a bandanna style, scarf style, or the cute fleece ones. I wear these around my house if my hair is down and I do like to coordinate these with whatever lounge clothes I'm wearing at home. With us currently being on quarantine here in Michigan I am always home lol. I'm living in lounge clothes, sweat sets and cute pajamas.

The other thing I'm doing is giving my skin a break! We have been out of our beloved Buffing Foundation for much longer than we would like so I've been using my sculpting sticks in place of a full foundations. Just a couple swipes, buff out with my brush and I'm all set. But with us on quarantine I'm doing bare minimum. Unless I have a Skype call or a grocery store run my skin is bare! But with today being Easter I wanted to look a little more camera ready than my usual quarantined look lol. I had a Zoom meeting with my entire family and I wanted to look fresh.

I used the Sculpting stick in Light Medium under my eyes, down my nose and a little on my chin. I used my bronzer in the shape of a 3 from the sides of my temples and just a little swipe under my jaw. I then will take that same bronzer and run in through my lower lash line with my crease brush and through my crease. I willed in my brows just a bit and but on dahli glossy lip finish.Just this little bit made me feel put together and refreshed. A little hint of pink in the cheeks or on the lips surrounded by bare skin will always give you a healthy and youthful look.

So there I was in my fluffy yellow headband glossy pink lips and just a touch of bronzey glow. I have felt pretty good and productive all day! I have linked these 3 things below so feel free to check them out if you want a little refresh / pick me up :)

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

xo Janelle 


Dahli Glossy Lip Finish

Sculpting Stick     Buffing Brush

Bronzer    Brush