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Contour Sculpting Sticks & Makeup at Cosmakery

Achieve an effortless, sun-kissed glow with Cosmakery’s signature sculpting stick! Give your cheekbones the attention they deserve with our high-quality contour stick. But wait, our sculpting stick is for so much more than defining cheekbones. They can be used for highlighting, concealing, correcting, shaping, and contouring. No wonder our sculpting sticks have been called a “holy grail” product! At Cosmakery, we believe in making Instagram-ready looks possible for every woman. Created by Emmy-award winning makeup artist Janelle Thomason, Cosmakery sculpting sticks are fabulous for everyday wear and special occasions alike. Our easy-to-apply formula helps you create a dreamy, natural-looking glow that’s sure to turn heads.

Cosmakery’s concealer sticks are cruelty-free and developed with safe ingredients. That means we only put out responsible products that ensure your beautiful face maintains that healthy glow. Our easy-to-use sculpting stick is crafted without the use of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, fragrances, gluten, or lead. We make our products with the utmost integrity and care, so you can count on long-lasting coverage that won’t cause even the most sensitive skin types to break out. Rest easy and glow up with Cosmakery’s sculpting stick intended for the fabulous life you lead.

Simple To Apply, Simply Gorgeous You

Cosmakery is a makeup brand that believes in female empowerment. We prioritize simplicity in our makeup routine and strive to develop products that allow our customers to do the same. Our concealer stick comes in five different shades for you to choose from because we don’t believe in complicating your online makeup shopping with unnecessary options. Ask our friendly, highly-trained beauty professionals about color-matching today! We’re so excited to get you paired up with the perfect shade!

Cosmakery offers modern, wearable beauty for the everyday woman. Don’t make your morning beauty routine difficult. The Cosmakery sculpting stick will have you looking gorgeous in no time at all. Shop now and get your perfect, 5-minute face today.

Cosmakery offers clean and cruelty-free products for you to enjoy daily. Check out our best sellers and enjoy universally flattering looks and free shipping on all orders over $50.