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Face & Eye Makeup Brushes

At Cosmakery, we feel an artist needs the right brushes, and of course that applies to the wonderful world of makeup. Sure, amazing makeup rules and we’ve got plenty of that. You are a beautifully perfect canvas. However, if you don’t have the right brushes to use said amazing makeup… Well, we have just the solution! Cosmakery offers premium quality, cruelty-free makeup brushes, including eye makeup brushes, foundation makeup brushes, and more that we know you’re going to absolutely love.

Cosmakery’s eye makeup brushes will make you rethink everything you previously thought about eyeshadow application. We have designed the perfect applicators made from soft but strong materials, all of which are cruelty-free. Don’t settle for less when it comes to the right tools for your Insta-ready makeup look. Check out our eye makeup brushes that are intentionally versatile, so you can use them for highlighter or powder for the sometimes challenging areas, such as around the nose and eyes.

Cosmakery takes a well-rounded approach to everything concerning makeup. We want you to have it all — from best-selling makeup products to incredible makeup brushes. Complete your order and shop the look today with Cosmakery’s high-performance makeup brushes.

Apply our universally flattering shades and formulas with the brushes we put our heart into designing. Created by Emmy-award winning makeup artist, Janelle Thomason, Cosmakery products are clean and intended to create that fresh-faced and polished glow, without using an Instagram filter.

Have questions? Contact our customer service, and you’re contacting a friend. Ask us about color matching and get your glow on already!