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Brushes - Double Ended Shade

This brush is the other half of your eyeshadow routine. Perfect for laying your base colors. This brush is a beauty basic and paired with our crease brush they are the only 2 shadow brushes you will ever need. Full enough to grab a lot of shadow at once but flat enough to really lay those pigments down this brush delivers. Soft enough to blend with. Also great for contouring the smaller finer areas like down the bridge of the nose this brush has many uses.

Smudger end: Where would our bottom lash line be without this brush? This end is the perfect size for all your smudging and tight detailing needs Whether its pulling out your eyeliner for a smokey finish. Smudging your liner for a soft blurred effect. Pulling your shadow through your lash line to soften the eyes or cutting your top crease for a bit of added structure, This brush is a necessity. 

  • $ 30.00