Face | Highlighters

At Cosmakery, we believe your makeup routine should be fun, quick, and easy. That’s why we’ve created cruelty free highlighters to perfect your look in no time at all. Available in three luscious shades, our highlighter is the simplest way to capitalize on that Instagram-ready glow you know and love.

We make sure our cruelty free highlighter is complete with warm undertones that glam up your look in a subtle yet effective way. Get the glow with Cosmakery and enjoy a fresh faced vibe we’ve created with your beautiful face in mind.

Our team wants your makeup application to be simple. By designing high-quality products that are easy to use, we guarantee you won’t be adding unnecessary, complicated steps to your routine. Simply add any of these gorgeous, cruelty free highlighters as one of your last steps in your makeup routine. Our highlighter is fabulous as a stand-alone enhancer or use it to complement a fully made-up face.

Cosmakery is a woman-owned, woman-run brand created by Janelle Thomason, an Emmy-award winning makeup artist who knows how to give her girls that Instagram-ready look. makeup. Created with every woman in mind, our products will have you feeling your best self instantly. Get the look in five minutes or less with Cosmakery.

Our products are created with integrity, meaning you won’t find ingredients like parabens, sulfates, fragrances, mineral oil, gluten, or lead in our cosmetics. You can rest easy knowing your makeup is 100% cruelty-free. Our high performance products are easy to use and designed to offer luxury for the everyday woman.